Best iPhone 8 Apps To Download In 2018

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Best iPhone Apps to Download in 2017

If you have long been anticipating iPhone 8 release and it’s time that you are going to get it now, you must also look forward to the best iPhone apps you’ll be downloading to your all-new gadget from Apple. To be honest, after spending a hefty price on your new iPhone purchase, you should better get off with a few free apps. Don’t worry, free apps are just fine and they give you all the functionality you need. So, without any further delays, let’s take a look at some of the best iPhone apps around that you must consider installing on your new little gadget.

Best iPhone Apps 2018

1. Evernote

Evernote best iphone apps

Evernote is your snippet and notes managing service and one of the best iPhone apps that allows you to keep notes in the form of text and photos. Once your notes are ready, the app automatically uploads them to the servers of the company where they are indexed to be searched and retrieved easily. Besides, they are synced to all the devices that you use. It’s all quick, functional and extremely smooth.

2. Slack

slack best iphone apps

Everybody is on Slack now. In fact, it’s one the best things that could’ve happened to the workplace teams and they can make full use of it while collaborating on their tasks.
Slack is, basically, a straightforward messaging system that is organized by a team of colleagues and is then subdivided according to channels. Anybody who’s part of a certain channel can be able to post/read messages there and also invite different other members for joining the team. It is possible for you to leave channels, mute them, dip in/out; it really is one highly customizable option for organizing your teams and letting team members communicate exactly what needs to be done. They can even post images, web links and documents whenever needed.
This free iPhone app lets team members easily connect to each other but still not get overwhelmed when not in office. However, it is recommended that the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature of the app is used sensibly.

3. Groupon

groupon best iphone apps

If you are the kind of person who loves coupons and discounts for restaurants, events and places, Groupon is a must-have for your new iPhone. The app comes for nothing and can help you save 70% at most on retail price for difference products or services. What else you’d want?

4. Just Eat

Just Eat best iphone apps

We often feel hungry at some time in a day, and at that time none of us would like to get off the couch and cook something to eat for ourselves. Well, if you’re getting that lazy, Just Eat would give you something to eat and enjoy your time. The app allows you to be able to order some takeaway food at one of your favourite restaurants from the list of 20,000 possible options. One of the best iPhone apps, Just Eat is designed in a way that it works based on your location and shows you options accessible to you. It’s definitely worth giving it a try.

5. GarageBand

GarageBand best iphone apps

Do you love music? Well, if you do GarageBand’s iOS version might prove to be somewhat gimmicky to you. For those of you who hear everything playing in their heads and don’t have the training or confidence to try to lay everything down, GarageBand really is nothing less than a miracle.
The app is free to download on specific new iPhone models. However, if you see the listing in App Store using your browser on Mac, there will be a £3.99 price tag associated.

6. iPlayer

iplayer best iphone apps

iPlayer gives you an enormous catalogue featuring radio shows and TV programs, all without any kind of commercials. It’s an app from BBC that allows you to watch almost any show that was broadcast in past seven days no matter where you are.
The app must be taken as stock download if you are planning to buy new iPhone 8 in UK. The version 2 of the app allows you to cache your shows for a period of 30 days and it certainly proves to be helpful for those who have to travel for days without any reliable internet connection. Also, it is not much data intensive to watch TV shows.

7. Duolingo

Duolingo best iphone apps

If you are an avid traveler and often have to travel abroad, Duolingo is yet another must-have for your new iPhone. All it requires from you is some free time, even in small bits, where you can be able to learn a new language or just brush it up. The app gives you access to quite a few languages and the courses you take through the app work on all the fronts including reading, writing, listening and speaking. You can even skip the audio tests when you are not in a position to take them.
There’s a gamification element to this app as well. It requires you to build up your streak of days on which you have practiced, and your completed topics start deteriorating if you don’t keep up with them for some time. This certainly gives you some clever motivation making sure that you do not give up any time. If you want to immerse completely in a new language, you can’t find a better alternative.

The list is probably enough for now! If you’re gearing yourself up for an ultimate iPhone 8 experience, check out some of the best apps available out there to make sure you never miss out on even a single bit of excitement with your next big thing.

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