Best VR Games and Experiences 2018

Best VR Games in 2018 - Teccrux

Not everyone likes to move around and have the full workout experience that VR games offer. Whether they’re HTC Vive games or Oculus Rift games, you can choose to have the best seated VR experiences. Apart from this, some VR enthusiast are just not cut out for the motion sickness and rough ride of dodging and jumping that standing games like Superhot, Eagle Flight, and Rec room require. If you prefer to play while sitting, our best VR games and experiences will keep you entertained for many hours.

Best 5 VR Games

1. Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Star Trek Bridge Crew - Teccrux

You should have your Trekkie friends over as you play this one. It takes you on a trip across the stars and the game comes with play modes for different players or multiplayers. Take your seat as U.S.S. Aegis and face the Klingtons and Vulcans. If you’re playing with friends, then you can go fighting space pirates and meeting mysterious civilizations as you observe and get enthralled by new stars. As you press your command panel, you give and take orders. The space view is what makes this VR experience exceptional to the letter. Star Trek: Bridge Crew is one of the best VR games from Oculus Rift and it comes rich for young players.

2. Chronos

Chronos - Teccrux

On Chronos, you have a massive VR experience that is similar to the Legend of Zelda. In this epic that combines adventure with history, you’re a male hero who needs to rescue his realm from imminent destruction. The fun part is how your hero character progresses through the game – dying and coming back only after a year. And since you’re away for a year, you grow old, lose your strength as a kid, but gather experience and wisdom that prepares you for your comeback. The graphics and experiences are so spellbinding that you could remain in your seat from dawn till nightfall.

3. Crazy Fishing

Crazy Fishing - Teccrux

Any real-life fish fan would be glad to have a VR experience that gives you a fishing pole and various spots to find 33 different “fish.” But, of course, it’s not real life, so they’re not real fish. Trophies like Basketball fish are what you catch and you get to immerse yourself in the world around them. It’s more than just collecting fish. It’s a blend of surviving on mushrooms for growth and getting access to secret chests. So, if you’re up for fishing without “swimming around your room,” Crazy Fishing is one seated VR experience that keeps you relaxed.

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4. Elite: Dangerous

Elite Dangerous - Teccrux

A blend of the relaxing tempo and thrilling stimulation makes Elite fantastic. Up there in space, you pilot your ship and get in charge of pirating and getting your enemies. This game is one of the best vr games available which keeps you challenged, immersed in it, and addicted. Although it wasn’t initially designed for the VR world, Elite Dangerous teaches you how to dock your ship safely. And the big plus is how you can talk to the computer by downloading a voice. Perfect!

5. Apollo 11

Apollo 11 - Teccrux

Think of a trip into space where your astronaut dreams come true. This seated VR experience allows you to visit and travel the moon like the legends of history using technology. This rocket experience can be in either cinema mode or interactive. And, of course, you’ll get the best of the experience when your tools function at their peak.

All of these best VR games and experiences are inexpensive but worth every dime you put down for them. So, when you want to keep your blood pumping even on your seat, here’s the way to go.

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