Can You Run a Business Via a Smartphone?

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Mobile Phone? It’s the most important gadget nowadays. Whether you’re working or studying, playing or reading, almost every person in this generation depends on their smartphone. Smartphone is making things easier and better for everyone. Even kids in this generation are addicted to phones. However, there are a number of surprising things that a smartphone can help you do. These latest smartphones are packed with a variety of features that help you work efficiently.

The usage of mobile has increased to a great extent in the over the past few years. It has grown so much that now, everything is dependent on mobile phones and mostly all of the activities are conducted over smartphone and tablets accounting for 62% of the time spent on digital media. Now, the real question is, has the mobile app technology advanced so much that an entrepreneur or small business owner run their business completely on a smartphone and its apps?

A lot of companies and people think it’s absolutely doable because of it’s increasing usage. There are a number of emerging smartphone apps that allow small business owners to run their companies or businesses with their mobile devices. Infact, a small or mid-size business can be run more effectively and efficiently with a mobile phone rather than a desktop.

The chief executive and co-founder of Capriza, Yuval Scarlat, says small business owners can easily run their businesses from their mobile device, and growing businesses are actually the ideal candidates to go mobile-only. He explains that smaller businesses can be more agile because their technology system is simpler and not at all complex as compared to larger companies which in turn allows them to have a shorter and much easier path to adopt a mobile only approach.

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Running a business solely on the mobile phone or mobile app allows you to increase productivity. If you have to reply someone urgently or approve something while you are either travelling or stuck somewhere where you do not have an access to your laptop, that’s where your pocket friendly mobile phone will come in handy and allow you to finish off your urgently required tasks with simple taps.

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On the contrary, a downside of running a business completely on mobile phone can have a lot of drawbacks. A mobile app cannot store vast amounts of company data. It cannot allow you to host company wide meetings and most importantly, there is a big risk of cyber theft if a business owner is completely relying on smartphone and its apps. Incase, your smartphone gets mugged or lost, the risk can go even higher because you’ll lose also everything.

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Practically speaking, a smartphone can fill in for staff members and reach the information on all that paperwork. All thanks to cloud, there are a number of resources that are readily available right from the device, accessible through apps or HTML5 pages, that sync any and all devices to the cloud. Examples include Evernote for note-taking, Skype or Webex for conference calling, Box and Dropbox for file storage, for account management. For sophisticated functions such as business intelligence dashboards, many leading BI vendors, such as Yellowfin and Information Builders, offer mobile access.

A mobile phone is no doubt a very essential tool for decision makers at all levels. But now, the question is, can it serve as the only tool? A survey of 511 executives which was conducted by Forbes insights for Google found that nine out of ten executives used smartphones for businesses even while being in the office. The main thing in this is that 10 percent of them stated that smartphones were their exclusive device for day to day basis for decision making.

So, it’s clear enough that a lot of people do run their business from their mobile phones. It is undoubtedly possible because if there’s an app that has a mobile version for instance Facebook and Facebook pages manager, there is very little that cannot be done on a smartphone. So, in short, it’s handy, it’s portable, it’s easy to use and you can run the business on the go.

If you are a small business owner and you are planning to shift your business to a mobile-only approach then all this also requires a mindset shift. Scarlet says that the corporate information was specifically built by the business to serve the backend office but they missed out on providing an easy experience for day to day usage of a regular user. So, just like we expect a user-friendly experience on our mobile devices and apps, similarly, we expect the same thing while we work. Being in a mobile revolution, it is expected that everything will turn into mobile-only in the next few years.

If you happen to ask any tech savvy person whether a business can solely be run from a mobile phone or not, the answer will likely be yes. This chorus is expected to grow louder with more advance business friendly mobile apps hit the marketplace. So, what do you think?

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