Mac Pro Is Being Completely Redesigned, Says Apple, for Launch in 2018

Apple is finally admitting and responding to the growing concern of Mac Pro users and wants to let them know that it hasn’t forgotten about them.The company held a round-table discussion at its headquarters with a select number of publications, to communicate its intentions to Mac Pro users. The company came with two aims – first to reassure its users that it is developing a brand new Mac Pro and second, to quietly inform that the new Mac pro would only release by 2018.
Apple SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller, SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi and VP of Hardware Engineering John Termus were part of the round-table discussion about the Apple’s vision for Mac Pro users. “We are in the process of what we call ‘completely rethinking the Mac Pro’,” said Schiller at the round-table.
The reason for the delay in Mac Pro upgrades as Federighi, Schiller and Termus explained was the design of the cylindrical 2013 Mac Pro that didn’t lend itself only to a powerful GPU configuration or something the industry is transitioning keeping the requirements of ‘pro’ users in mind. The triangular design of the Mac Pro’s thermal core was beneficial for cooling roughly balanced loads, but not beneficial for the single massive GPU configuration.
Who are these users? Federighi reveals the type of uses, “There are certain scientific loads that are very GPU intensive and they want to throw the largest GPU at it that they can. There are heavy 3D graphics [applications] or graphics and compute mixed loads. Those can be in VR, those can be in certain kinds of high-end cinema production tasks where most of the software out there that’s been written to target those doesn’t know how to balance itself well across multiple GPUs but can scale across a single large GPU.”
The new Mac Pro will be launched with an all new Pro external display. The company is thinking to make a new design that allows the company for easy upgrades in the future.
Meanwhile, the Cupertino giant also revealed that it releasing two upgraded models of the Mac Pro this week. One would be hexacore Intel Xeon processor, dual AMD FirePro D500 GPUs, and 16GB of RAM, and be priced at $2,999, and the other one will come with an octa-core processor, and dual AMD FirePro D700 GPUs, and be priced at $3,999.
Finally, Apple revealed that an all new and upgraded iMac models will be coming this year as well, which will be suitable for ‘Pro’ users’ needs as well.

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