Secrets for Creating an Award-Winning Website

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Included in the major tenet s of web designing are aesthetic, usability, content, feature functionalities, and standards compliance. For your website to be award-winning, it should be visually-captivating, user-friendly when it comes to navigation, without any bugs, and jam-packed with information worth your customers’ time.

Let us then take it from several designers who have already built dozens of various websites. Here are some of the few common things among their finest works that their clients raved about.

  1. Utilizing white space.

To your website users, an interesting web is sleek, stylish, and easy to navigate. So you better intend to strategically utilize whitespace in your site to highlight key essentials of every page and make your content stand out.

White space is the blank space in and around the different elements of your webpage. It is very useful in giving your site a feeling of elegance as well as enhancing your brand positioning. Based on a study made by Wichita State University, white space also increases reading comprehension. If you want to check out some of the stunning websites which effectively used white space, click away: Squarespace, Medium, and your favorite search engine, Google.

If you decide to use this approach, you can do so by fostering a minimalist design appearance and present beautiful graphics that your audience will surely love. If your website is all cluttered or messy, your customers may feel overwhelmed and a bit confused. Thus, a simple website with a lot of white space is better if you want your audience to stay and explore your website.

  1. Applying streamline navigation.

In order to improve your website’s usability, you should design its navigation to be as easy as possible. Ensure that your products or services can be easily accessed on your homepage and the navigation bar is visible and spontaneous to use on both desktop and smartphones.

Testing your website’s usability is possible by checking if it passes the web’s three-second rule. It was invented by some web designers in the 90s and later become widely accepted in the design community. You’ll pass the three-second rule by successfully capturing the attention of your visitors for three seconds. If your visitors aren’t invested yet to your site within that timeframe, then you will probably lose them.

Your website can pass the test by making its texts clear and easy to understand. You can also showcase some quality graphics on every page and try to steer your readers’ attention towards the information that is most searched for. Lastly, you can ask your friends and family to test drive your website and check out how long it takes for them to interact with your website.

  1. Grab your visitors’ attention with consumer reviews and limited offers

Running into a wall full of texts and never-ending pictures is not something that your visitors would prefer. That’s why you need to apply the 3-second rule in developing your content and also enhance your site’s clarity and organization.

If you have an e-commerce website, you can foster some quality quotes from your avid customers’ positive consumer reviews. You can also add a few promotions like exclusive deals or discount coupons. By doing this, you are giving your users an immediate extra incentive which can make them decide to proceed to the next step and buy your product.

  1. Highlight speed and simplicity.

Never overlook speed when assessing your website’s feature functionality. If your page’s load time is slow, you might also experience a lower conversion rate as well as a decreased revenue. There was a study conducted by Akamai which proved that 40% of people shopping online abandon a web page if loading time is longer than 3 seconds. It also showed that 54% of participants becomes loyal to a website due to quick page loads. The fastest way of prioritizing speed is to ask your engineers to work on it,

Moreover, a straightforward and brief checkout process is essential to increase conversion. A simple checkout process makes it easier for the customers to buy your products with no issues or complications. A good example is the one-click purchasing that Amazon offers.

  1. Integrate a responsive design.

Exceeding the expectations of standard compliance is possible by employing a responsive design which allows your website’s content and design to be viewed and navigated from any medium, might it be a mobile device, an e-reader, or a computer.

Investing in a responsive design can optimize your users’ interaction with the web pages of various devices and also heighten your search engine traffic. You can learn more about this technology by checking out the MagNet’s PowerPoint presentation.

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