Top 5 Smartphone Features Every On-The-Go, Busy Entrepreneur Should Look For

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For on-the-go entrepreneurs, your smartphone is an invaluable virtual assistant tool that gives you executive-level support in the palm of your hands.

But not all smartphones are created equal. Smartphones may cater to every unique individual need. But those with entrepreneurial pursuits will want to find something that will make their life and workload a bit more manageable.

The right smartphone will enable entrepreneurs a certain degree of agility and responsiveness.

This gives them an edge over their competitors. Sure, the first feature you want in your smartphone is one which offers daily internet. You’ll also want a phone with strong connectivity and wireless hotspot capabilities.

This will enable entrepreneurs to work while on the move. But, entrepreneurs will also need a smartphone that works across multiple devices and secures their data. To handle all your commitments like a champ, these are the features your smartphone should possess to be an effective business tool.

1. Long-lasting battery

The last thing you want before an important call or business meeting is for your phone to run out of juice. It becomes even more frustrating when your phone runs out of juice and there are no charging stations or outlets available. The results of losing your communication hub due to losing battery can lead to potential loss in sales or business.

To make sure you don’t need to charge every few hours, ensure your phone can handle the demands of all-day use. Look at the battery size of your potential smartphone. Smartphones with 3000mAh batteries or higher are best suited to match the stresses and demands of your day.

Seek out smartphones with rapid-charging features as well. Processors and wireless connections that smartly adjust power consumption are factors that should also be considered.

2. Reliable Messaging and Communication

Business is all about communication. From engaging customers, to reaching potential deals with investors, or simply talking with partners and loved ones, your phone’s ability to communicate is an indispensable part of your business toolkit.

Smartphones provide entrepreneurs an easy and efficient way to stay connected to their business. Emails, texts, social media, and calls are all tools we use to communicate. But, no entrepreneur will want to flip through numerous apps and accounts to stay engaged.

With so many apps and communication options available, find a device that neatly wraps all these different methods into one system. This makes switching between communication methods easy and stress-free.

3. Managing your schedule

Your smartphone’s calendar is like a personal assistant. A great calendar will keep your days flowing smoothly, while bad ones are hindrances.

As every entrepreneur’s workflow is different, no single calendar app will cater to everyone’s demands. Do you prefer your calendar simple and streamlined? Or are you in favor of a more customizable and robust calendar app?

Either way, the best kind of calendar app is one that works with your scheduling needs. This handy digital assistant should assist you by saving you time, giving you more energy to focus on your business.

top 5 smartphone features

4. Strong file management

Your smartphone is great for storing data. It’s a portable file system easily accessible within the palm of your hand.

Every entrepreneur needs to be able to manage all their files on the go. File management becomes an all-important feature when selecting the right mobile device. Between the two mobile juggernauts, Android gives users the freedom to access their device’s file system. Apple’s iOS system is a closed platform, limiting your ability to access files and content.

There are also numerous apps which are specifically designed to organize your files and documents. Finding the right phone with fully equipped tools to efficiently manage your files can pay dividends as an entrepreneur.

5. Increased Security

Whether or not you operate your business from your fingertips, the most important feature to take into account is data security. As your smartphone conducts business-critical data, select a smartphone company that courts enterprise businesses.

By default, your smartphone should come encrypted. This ensures that your business-critical data is protected against external access. Your smartphone should include essential security measures such as biometrics, data wiping after failed logins, a stock security center app, and permission management.

Your smartphone should also include data encryption and protection apps such as Kaspersky Internet Security mobile to secure your data, money, and privacy. Apps like these add a layer of security to your device and its files.

While you may have heard the saying, “there’s an app for that,” not the same could be said for smartphones. Managing your business through your smartphone should be a seamless experience. It should be able to keep up with all your demands. The right features and technology will ensure your business can be managed with a simple swipe.

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