U-Dictionary: English Offline Dictionary for Android


Off-late, we have seen a lot of dictionary apps like Dictionary.com, Wordweb, Merriam-Webster, The Free Dictionary etc. But how many offline dictionaries have you seen, which not only comprehends the words, but also translates any word from English and lists out its synonyms. Or any mobile dictionary, which gives you an indication of its usage by forming sample sentences with the chosen word and helps you with easy translations.
U-Dictionary by YouDao.com, available for free on android, is an offline dictionary that has been voted the best self-improvement app for 2016 by Google. So, what is it about this dictionary that makes it different from the already established ones in the Play Store. Let’s find it out in this exclusive review.

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U-Dictionary Features

U-Dictionary occupies only 20mbs of your phone storage, which in comparison to others like Merriam-Webster at 65 mb and Wordweb at 28 mbs seems paltry. The offline dictionary has got a new, refreshing and a clutter-free UI, which is extremely user friendly. U-Dictionary also allows you to ‘Quick Translate’ from your notification bar without actually opening the app.


However, the most interesting feature of this app is ‘Copy to Translate’. So, when you are using Whatsapp or Messenger just copy a sentence and U-Dictionary will translate it for you.


The other highlights of this offline dictionary are 14 display languages, translation from English to 38 languages. It even features Word for Today, which allows you to learn a new word everyday. This offline dictionary application also support English Pronunciation that help you master your accent. Still wondering what more does this app delivers? The U-Dictionary app translations and sample sentences are available in offline mode too. For this, you need to download a small installation package of 5 mbs.

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So, in a nutshell we found U-Dictionary a really comprehensive and a complete offline dictionary app. It is especially useful for anyone learning the basics of the english language.

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