WhatsApp Update: Now you can Send Multiple Contacts at the Same Time


Facebook-owned popular messaging app WhatsApp will soon enable its users to share multiple contacts in one go. The new feature by WhatsApp was witnessed in the latest beta version of the app (2.17.123) on Android operating system. This new feature also enables you to send multiple contacts to multiple users at the same time. As of now, the highest number of contacts, which can be shared in one go is 200.

How to send multiple contacts?

If you have the beta version of the application installed on your device, you just need to open WhatsApp chat box of the user you wish to send multiple contacts to and then click on the attach icon in the message text box and select contacts. Simply select the contacts from the phonebook and proceed. You can also send multiple contacts by selecting the contacts in your phonebook and then clicking on the share button. This will open WhatsApp and you just need to select the user you want to share these contacts with.

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Who can be a Beta Tester?

This feature is exclusively available only to beta testers as of now. WhatsApp follows an official beta testing program that is available on Google Play. Users can sign up for the same by simply clicking on the ‘Become a Tester’ button in Google Play or can also download the beta version from other websites as APK Mirror that offer apps signed by Google.
On Android, this feature is expected to be launched soon as the beta version already has it. But, it has to be seen when this functionality will be available for iOS users.

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